PGE Boardman Power Plant Operations Time Line; Good Regional Hydropower Performance Means Lower Market Prices Than in Winter Months, Negating Immediate Need for Boardman to Go Back into Production

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PGE Boardman Power Plant Operations Time Line; Good Regional Hydropower Performance Means Lower Market Prices Than in Winter Months, Negating Immediate Need for Boardman to Go Back into Production

PORTLAND, Ore., May 01, 2006 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Portland General Electric (NYSE:POR) today announced its coal-fired Boardman Power Plant will remain offline for most of May. Portland General Electric (PGE) had previously stated the Boardman plant, which has been out of service since October 22, 2005, for repairs, would be ready to operate around the end of April 2006. However, with the favorable power market conditions, the schedule for returning the plant to service has been extended in order to help reduce the plant's repair costs.

"We now have access to reasonably priced energy from the market to cover what Boardman otherwise would have been producing, so the pressure on the Boardman repair team to expedite the plant's return to service has been reduced and should lower the total cost of the outage," said Jim Lobdell, PGE vice president of power operations and resource strategy.

On Oct. 22, 2005, the Boardman Power Plant was taken offline due to excessive vibrations in the plant's steam turbine rotor. The turbine rotor was disassembled and shipped to the East Coast for repairs, then was reinstalled on schedule. While the plant was being put back into service on Feb. 6, 2006, damage occurred to the generator rotor. The generator rotor was removed and also shipped to the East Coast for repairs. Because of the low market prices for purchased power, PGE's generation experts have decided that the generator rotor should be shipped back to Oregon from the East Coast by road rather than the faster, but more expensive, air transport option.

"Since it was brought online in 1980, the Boardman Power Plant has been a reliable and efficient power plant. These two outages were extremely rare events for us," said Stephen Quennoz, PGE vice president of power supply. "In fact, our Boardman plant has a low forced-outage rate when compared to similar generators in the United States."

Quennoz said that during the unplanned outage period, PGE's Boardman staff has been assessing and working on cost-effective maintenance projects, which usually take place during the plant's scheduled maintenance period in the spring.

"Our goal is to have this power plant 100 percent ready to go from top to bottom when the critical pieces are reinstalled, and the plant is ready for regular operation," Quennoz said.

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Source: Portland General Electric Company

SOURCE: Portland General Electric Company

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