Washington, D.C. 20549

                               Form 8-K

                            CURRENT REPORT

                Pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d) of the
                   Securities Exchange Act of 1934

   Date of Report (Date of earliest event reported) August 16, 1995

                        Registrant; State of Incorporation;    IRS Employer
Commission File Number  Address; and Telephone Number       Identification No.

1-5532                  PORTLAND GENERAL CORPORATION             93-0909442
                        (an Oregon Corporation)
                        121 SW Salmon Street
                        Portland, Oregon 97204
                        (503) 464-8820

1-5532-99           PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY 93-0256820
                    (an Oregon Corporation)
                    121 SW Salmon Street
                    Portland, Oregon 97204
                    (503) 464-8000

                     121 S.W. Salmon Street, Portland, Oregon        97204  
                      (Address of principal executive offices)     (zip code)

               Registrant's telephone number, including area code 503-464-8820

Item 5.             Other Events

      Trojan Decommissioning - On August 30, 1995 the Nuclear Regulatory
      Commission (NRC) notified Portland General Electric Company (PGE or the
      Company) that it intends to seek public comment on whether it should halt
      any further decommissioning activity currently underway at the Trojan
      Nuclear Plant (Trojan) pending public hearings on the Trojan
      Decommissioning Plan.

      As a basis for its possible change in policy regarding Trojan, the NRC
      cited a July 1995 ruling in Citizens Awareness Network, Inc. v.  NRC in
      which the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit held that
      the NRC erred in its interpretation of its own regulations in allowing
      licensees to initiate major dismantling activities prior to NRC approval
      of a decommissioning plan.  In November 1994 PGE commenced the early
      removal of some of Trojan's large components (the Large Component Removal
      Project or LCRP).  Although the court case was not based on the facts of
      the Trojan LCRP,  the NRC will solicit comments on whether to halt any
      further decommissioning activity at Trojan until public hearings can be
      held regarding the Trojan Decommissioning Plan which PGE submitted to the
      NRC in January 1995.  PGE and other interested parties will have up to 17
      days after publication of the notice to comment.

      PGE cannot predict whether the NRC will delay the LCRP, which is currently
      scheduled for completion by year-end 1995.  If the LCRP were to be delayed
      until NRC approval of the Trojan decommissioning plan were obtained, it
      could result in an increase of approximately $2 million to the cost of the
      project.  The Company estimates the cost to decommission Trojan to be $351
      million in nominal dollars (actual dollars to be spent in each year).

      Legal Proceedings - Southern California Edison Company v. PGE, Multnomah
      County Oregon Circuit Court   On August 16, 1995 the Court issued a
      summary judgement favoring PGE in a contract dispute with Southern
      California Edison (SCE).  SCE asserted that PGE defaulted on a long-term
      power sales contract when it shut down Trojan.  The court found that the
      closing of Trojan was not a basis for terminating the contract.  See
      Portland General's and PGE's reports on form 10-K for the period ended
      December 31, 1994 for background information. 

      Regulatory Matters - On August 29, 1995 the Public Utility Commission of
      Oregon (PUC) authorized PGE to exclude large commercial and industrial
      customers from the decoupling mechanism adopted by the PUC in its March
      1995 rate order.  The exclusion is effective as of September 1, 1995.  See
      Portland General's and PGE's reports on form 10-Q for the period ended
      June 30, 1995 for further information.


Pursuant to the requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, the
registrants have duly caused this report to be signed on their behalf by the
undersigned hereunto duly authorized.

                    Portland General Corporation

                    Portland General Electric Company

September 5, 1995   By          /s/  Joseph E. Feltz                          

                                      Joseph E. Feltz
                                    Assistant Controller
                                    Assistant Treasurer